Nadia and brandon dating

and also do a photo shoot for a bourbon company, obviously.

Farah's dad, again with ZERO prompting from producers, encourages JP to put a ring on it during a golf outing. Then it gets more serious as dad takes his daughter to a bar - for bourbon, natch - to talk. Farah reminds JP that adults do talk about these things.

“I would love to play Wonder Woman; I have the abilities and the strength because I am definitely not the typical Hollywood actress.” The envy of women around the country after locking lips and sharing a bed with soap opera heartthrob Shawn Christian on Days of Our Lives, Nadia Bjorlin is determined to raise the bar in Hollywood by proving she’s more than just a daytime television star.

Fluent in six languages—English, Swedish, Persian, French, Italian and Russian, Bjorlin has spent the last 17 years wowing audiences with her beauty with frequent stints on Days of Our Lives while appearing in films like The Marriage Undone, If I Had Known I was a Genius, Redline, Jack Rio and Divorce Invitation.

Born and raised in Eugene, Ore., Brandon Beemer admits to having a “crazy imagination” since childhood, yet he never seriously considered acting.

Instead, he played sports in high school and earned small scholarships to several colleges for track.

That’s right, after her second breakup, she found another love, Daniel Sadek.

Their relationship began in early 2003 and ended with a breakup in 2004.

Debuting on the series as “Ghoul Girl” and wearing nothing but black clothing, Bjorlin became one of the sexiest women on the show after Chloe received a makeover and became an instant fan favorite.

however she's open to leaving him if he's not cutting it down the road.

Looks like the next few months for Mc Manus will be a whirlwind of excitement!

Along the way, she’s appeared in television series like Two and a Half Men, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Anger Management, 2 Broke Girls and NCIS in addition to starting a family with her husband, Grant Turnbull. The fifth of six children, Bjorlin was born on August 2, 1980 in Newport, Rhode Island where her mother worked as an interior designer while her father built his career as a renowned conductor and composer.

When Bjorlin was only an infant, the family moved back to her father’s native Sweden as they divided their time between Stockholm, Los Angeles and Palm Beach, Florida to accommodate his illustrious career as a Maestro.

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