2016 2016 dating sites in sweden

The price can be a bit high though around for a month, depending on how long you sign up for.Other than that, the site is clean, easy to use and has all the functionality you would expect from a modern dating site.The Swedes are well known to hold on hard to their cash, but don't let that stop you.The people here are very social and open minded, so you should not have much problems getting in contact with some nice specimen!

41 percent of Swedes have an i Phone and 37 percent choose Android.

So be sure to pick your date from the country that matches your requirements. Above here you will find some Swedish sites, see the right menu for other Scandinavian countries. Some requires you to have a local mobile phone number for verification.

If you like money, find a Danish or Norwegian person. There are really a lot of nice Danes and Norwegians online also. Still the free sites are a good starting point to get a look and feel for this game.

92 percent have a computer, 81 percent have a smartphone and 65 percent have a tablet.

Already at the age of 8, over half (55%) have access their own smartphone. Around 9 of these are on the mobile phone, an increase with an hour from last year.

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